Test Driving the ShareaSale Product Discovery Bookmarklet Tool and How You Can Get It Too!

How many of you have used the Amazon toolbar to link to a page or to create a widget? If you haven’t used it, you should. It’s super easy to grab a link and insert it into a post. I’ve used it many times.

amazon affiliate linking toolbar If you HAVE used it and LOVE it as much as I do, you’ve probably wished other affiliate programs would offer the same feature. Well, I’ve got good news.

ShareaSale is beta testing the Product Discovery Bookmarklet Tool. It’s a little bookmarklet that rests in your toolbar so that you can browse a merchant and grab a link.  This is a picture that shows how nicely it rests in your toolbar. I am sharing this image from ShareaSale because people have been traumatized by looking at my superbusy toolbar (I have 4 of them).

shareasale product discovery bookmarklet tool

Since we are approaching the last day of summer and I have already starting digging out my orange and purple Halloween lights, I thought I would test the bookmarklet on my favorite, Halloween store – BuyCostumes.com (which by the way, I have set my Pretty Links Pro and SEO Smart Links up to automatically link to BuyCostumes, Pretty Links Pro and ShareaSale so I don’t even worry about manual insertion of those links. Here’s how I did it)

Before I generate a link, here are some features of this tool as stated on ShareaSale

NOTE: You will need to log into ShareaSale in order to utilize the Product Discovery Tool

The Product Discovery Tool will identify the Merchant, and come up with a link that you can immediately use to link to this product and earn commission doing so.

Advanced Stuff will be in the top right with the ability to add Afftrack, and get a shortened URL for social media.

You will be able to choose from available images that will either come from the Datafeed on ShareASale, or the website itself.

You will be able to customize the text that you would like to see in the layout, and use the green arrows to switch between available layouts.

Finally, click to view/copy the HTML or the plain link

First I went to the BuyCostumes.com website and navigated to the page that interested me.

Once on that page, I clicked on the bookmarklet that I had dragged and placed in my toolbar.

This screen popped up:

shareasale product discovery bookmarklet tool in actionI then clicked on the item I wanted to link to and scrolled to the bottom to click on the linking option of my choice – seen here:

shareasale product discovery bookmarklet tool code generatorI copied my code and pasted it within the source of this post – and this is my result:

I saw it on BuyCostumes

Yard & Outdoor Decorationscom

Such a super, easy way to add affiliate links, products and images to your blog posts. I guarantee you would spend FAR less time grabbing monetized images this way rather than non-monetized, images through stock images or those you create yourself.

If you are interested in giving the Product Discovery Bookmarklet Tool a try, it is in beta, but if you have a ShareaSale account, you can sign up for it here: http://blog.shareasale.com/2014/09/18/product-discovery-bookmarklet-tool/

If you don’t have an account on ShareaSale, why not? Get one already!

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Me, I am in gadget Heaven right now!

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Top Three Tips for Effective Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be overwhelming at times, but when you know the three basic principles, and combine that with the automating process I have worked out, it’s much easier to manage.

Here are my Top Three Tips:

Diversify – In order to maximize your affiliate marketing potential, it’s recommended that you have different sites in different niches. By doing this, you will be able to work with different merchants across various networks. At one time, I had 13 blogs. I don’t anymore, because it wore me out – but I do still maintain a few websites in various niches where one is very different from the others.

Use link redirecting – My personal preference is Pretty Link Pro – By redirecting your links, this allows you change links quickly, when and if you need to. Additionally, you will be able to share those links in different places and it look much nicer. Your domain will show instead of someone else’s when you post your links around. Think about it, you post your link in response to a comment on someone’s blog – if you use an affiliate link or a link that belongs to someone else, if that link ever expires, the link is dead. When you have control of that link through your Pretty Links settings, the link will always be active in one way or another. You will never lose another revenue opportunity again.

Separate Accounts – Use separate network accounts when you have multiple sites or especially different types of sites. Having separate accounts is helpful in the event one of your sites gets flagged or if you decide to sell a site. I learned this benefit first hand, a few times.

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How do you monetize your blog?

how do you monetize your blog When it comes to blogging, I am a voyeur. I love visiting blogs on various topics to see what ads they are running, and poke around to learn how they monetize their blogs.

Unfortunately, I see so many bloggers start with an intense passion, thinking they are going to be rolling in dough quickly, but when they write and the traffic and money doesn’t come, they give up.

The most common ways I see bloggers monetizing their blogs is:

· Advertising Space

· Google Adsense

· Paid or Sponsored Posts

· Affiliate Links

Many bloggers do product reviews and are content with receiving products as their only reward for blogging, which is fine, if you like that sort of thing.

I’m interested in your experience with monetizing.

Do you understand how to monetize your site? Would you like help or feedback on ways to monetize better? If you’ve tried affiliate marketing, what do you like and dislike about it? Leave a comment

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