Affiliate Linking Tools by Network – CJ, ShareaSale and AvantLink

Below is a list of linking tools available on ShareaSale, Commission Junction and AvantLink along with instruction and links on where to obtain the bookmarklet tools.

As we gear up for the holiday shopping season, these tools are so handy to have and use for quick product linking.

ShareaSale Product Discovery Bookmarklet Tool

imageShareaSale is beta testing the Product Discovery tool. It’s a bookmarklet that rests in your toolbar so that you can browse a merchant and grab a monetized link.  This picture shows how nicely it rests in your toolbar.

Here are some features of this tool as stated on ShareaSale

NOTE: You will need to log into ShareaSale in order to utilize the Product Discovery Tool

Once you have logged in, you can go directly to your preferred merchant site – no need to click through Shareasale to get there.

The Product Discovery Tool will identify the Merchant, and come up with a link that you can immediately use to link to this product and earn commission doing so.

Advanced Stuff will be in the top right with the ability to add Afftrack, and get a shortened URL for social media.

You will be able to choose from available images that will either come from the Datafeed on ShareASale, or the website itself.

You will be able to customize the text that you would like to see in the layout, and use the green arrows to switch between available layouts.

Finally, click to view/copy the HTML or the plain link – The tool in action is displayed in this image:

Requests to obtain the beta bookmarklet may be made here:


Commission Junction Deeplinker


image Functions a lot like ShareaSale, however, the deep linker generates an affiliate link to whatever page the affiliate is on. There is not an option to generate an affiliate link that includes an image or description. Very basic, but nothing a simple “right click/save” on an image and upload to a post won’t cure.

Again, you must log into CJ first. No need to link to the merchant through CJ, you’re just required to log into CJ so the tool connects with your affiliate account.

The bookmarklet is available here:

Snaplinker by AvantLink

This tool functions a lot like the ShareaSale version. I found this video that provides greater detail to the linking process.

image View the Snaplinker Video here:

SnapLinker is available here:

AvantLink is the best choice because a small annual fee of $39 gives affiliates the option to use this linker on AvantLink, ShareaSale and Commission Junction. As well as the ability to post, or schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter.

Each linking tool is free to use within its own network – AvantLink/SnapLinker is the only one that has the ability to work across the three major affiliate networks.


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Snagajob’s Seventh Annual Holiday Hiring Survey Reveals 2014 Seasonal Hiring Trends and Tips for Employers and Job Seekers


Snagajob, America’s largest hourly employment marketplace for job seekers and employers, today announced results from its seventh annual Holiday Hiring Survey. The survey of 1,009 U.S. employers responsible for hiring seasonal employees by Wakefield Research for Snagajob identified:

– Eighty-nine percent of companies hiring seasonal, hourly employees plan to hire the same number of applicants, or more, this year than in 2013.

– Seasonal and hourly hiring managers expect that employees will work, on average, 25 hours a week.

– Sixty-eight percent of employers surveyed believe the current minimum wage should be increased. Employers in the hospitality industry will pay the highest average wage for holiday employees: $11.80; food-service: $9.40; and retail: $10.30.

- Everything is mobile – even the recruitment process. Eighty-five percent of employers surveyed are willing to use an app to aid with the hiring process. For hiring managers, finding the right people for a workplace team doesn’t mean being tied to a desk any longer.

The survey revealed the top hiring trends and tips for those looking for a seasonal job – view those trends and tips here


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SnapVisi Let’s You Turn Your Images Into Affiliate Ads

Chad Waite from AvantLink provides a video demo of a great new tool for affiliates – SnapVisi. SnapVisi allows for quick and easy creation of images featuring Fanatics products with clickable links behind specific products in the image.

AvantLink is a lot like ShareaSale and Commission Junction where you sign up with various merchants and promote their products or services through affiliate links. SnapVisi is an awesome addition to your affiliate marketing tools because it allows you to generate images in a variety of ways to use in your content, or however you wish to use them.


Another tool they offer is SnapLinker, which was the reason I was there to begin with. SnapLinker works a lot like the ShareaSale bookmarklet tool. The free version may be used by AvantLink affiliates, however, for a $39 annual fee, the tool can be used with ShareaSale and Commission Junction – and offers the option of generating affiliate links you can share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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