Linkedin is the top job search tool

According to a new survey of job seekers, hiring managers, recruiters and HR executives, close to 100% of job seekers use LinkedIn as their number one social media site for job hunting. Hiring managers also prefer Linkedin. Read the full article on Forbes

You simply cannot afford to put off creating or updating your Linkedin anymore.

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Where to find inspiration

Many people don’t realize how every day frustrations and their ability to find a solution could easily be looked upon as inspiration and a “call to action” to get off their butt and turn that solution into opportunity.

Richard Branson offers this advise: If you are looking for an idea for a business, consider: Is there something at work or at home that frustrates you? How much time do you spend on solving it? Is there an even better way of doing things? Why hasn’t it been done before? If the answer is "Because that’s the way it has always been done," pay close attention. Take notes.

Check out the full article here and see if you can’t find a hefty dose of motivation!

Forget those fears. I’ve found that so many people are intimidated by their lack of ‘proper English’ skills and let it stand in their way. Rather than allowing it to be a hindrance, they could even turn it into a niche. I’ve seen a few blogs that play on those faults rather than allow them to detour them from fulfilling a dream of writing.

Regardless of a persons education level, I believe everyone has an opinion that’s valuable, or a story to share that others would be interested in. It doesn’t take an A-List personality to make a view more valuable.

If you can’t overcome that fear, I recommend creating blog posts in a word processing program so you can do spell and grammar check. It may not be 100% full proof, but at least it will ease the intimidating factors enough to open doors for possibility and to never be afraid to ask for help!

I once helped a girl now who struggled with her writing skills and let them keep her from writing. We finally got her to a point where she was ready to take the chance. Once the fear was removed, she took off like there was no tomorrow.

While I have written about making your blog as professional as possible, and working on issues of spelling and grammar, I would advise anyone who struggles in this area, not to let it stop you. In fact there are several people who blog as a means of helping them improve their language skills.

While some people do get razzed about it, I think the exercise of blogging, in and of itself, gives new skills and a means of practice that gives confidence. Confidence to have a voice in ways they may never have discovered in other mediums.

I also think the rest of us who sometimes get picky about grammar, sometimes need to loosen up a bit and rather than getting too condemning, we must remind ourselves that others come into blogging from different backgrounds and perspectives.

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