4 Reasons You Still Need Word of Mouth Marketing

With all the latest gadgets and technologies available at our fingertips, we’re often so caught up in creating the next best marketing campaign that we forget about the tried and true methods.

Word of mouth marketing is one of those tactics that has remained constant throughout all the years and all the changes. It was prevalent when television became popular, it was prevalent when the Internet became popular, and it’s still prevalent in a world filled with social networks.

If you want to create a successful marketing campaign, you have to still value word of mouth marketing, and here’s why.

1. People are willing to trust their friends and family.

Your customers build relationships with people, and they come to trust the opinions and recommendations of these individuals because they actually know them. Sure, your customers can head over to Yelp or Urbanspoon and read reviews from strangers, but that doesn’t mean they’ll take them to heart. They may not stray away from that one-star restaurant if a stranger says so, but they may stray away from it if their close friend says so. This is why it’s important that you make every guest feel special, because they’ll definitely tell people about their experience with your company, and that can affect your business.

2. People know what their friends and family like.

Have you ever been in a store or restaurant and thought, “Ohhh, so and so would LOVE this place!”? Your friends and family members have certain tastes, and there are certain stores and restaurants that will be more attractive to certain people than others. For example, if a customer visits a restaurant that has a plethora of vegan dishes, they’ll be sure to spread the word to their vegan friends, and their vegan friends will be more likely to visit the restaurant because it appeals specifically to their taste and their trusted friend approves of it. People know what their friends and family like, and they use this information to provide word of mouth recommendations that actually stick.

3. Advertisements can get lost.

Everyone today is in a rush, which makes advertising more difficult to do. People are now using their DVRs to record television shows so they can skip through commercials. They’re listening to satellite radio to avoid the commercials. They’re using the spam filters on their emails to avoid promotional junk in their inbox. Everyone is taking the necessary steps to avoid being interrupted with marketing, but they’re still trusting the recommendations from friends and family members, which is why word of mouth marketing is still important.

4. Word of mouth marketing can go viral.

Word of mouth marketing doesn’t mean you have to physically tell someone how you feel about a product, service or business in person. Thanks to social media, word of mouth marketing now has the ability to go viral. For example, if a Facebook friend talks about how great their experience was at a certain business, it will now put that business in your head. You may now visit that business and post your own status update about your experience, enticing another friend to check it out. All of this word of mouth marketing is now creating viral content, which is helping to boost your company’s success.

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