5 Ways to Build Your Blog Content

I write almost all the content for my blogs. There is the occasion where I will invite bloggers I know to guest post. The beauty of owning and operating a blog is you don’t have to be a writer. There are options for content development, some of which don’t involve writing.

  1. Create your own content
  2. Hire a writer
  3. Buy resale or private label rights
  4. Use Public Domain – Copyright Free material
  5. Use Merchant Copy

Create Your Own Content

The majority of bloggers you encounter like to write. They enjoy writing, they enjoy the voice blogging gives them. The best part about writing your own content is you can develop your content around your own personal character. Your personality is essentially the root of your personal brand. You can portray yourself however you like – be it funny, serious or even wholesome and sweet – it’s entirely up to you.

Over time, your readers will come to know you and relationships will develop as the result of your writing, their comments and ongoing interaction.

Hire a Writer

One of the best places as far as I’m concerned to hire writers is Elance.com. Joining Elance and a simple search can bring you to an abundance of offers from writers willing to write your content for you.

Hiring a writer can be great – but by the same token, they can be terrible too. Make sure you check references and ask plenty of questions before making a final decision and placing your order.

Buy Resale or Private Label Rights

You can purchase articles, reports, ebooks and much more with private label rights which basically means you buy the right to use the content in any manner you choose.

There are some sites that specify that you cannot use the content on article directories so be sure you read the terms carefully before making your purchase.

Public Domain Content

Content found on public domains are typically books, poems and articles that are not protected by copyright or where the copyright has expired. Public Domain Resource is your roadmap to making BIG profits with Public Domain works. Each and every month you will be able to download up to SIX new copyright free Public Domain works on various topics that you are free to use in your own business. It doesn’t get much easier.

Use Merchant Copy

If push comes to shove and you find yourself ‘desperate’ for content, there’s always the merchant copy. Keep in mind, however, that your readers may be sick of seeing or reading a particular sales pitch so you might just run the risk of turning off a reader or two by using this option. It’s highly recommended that you use one of the other options listed here to avoid offending and losing readers.

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