6 essential characters of every startup

business man Looking to put together an all-star team for your start-up?

Co-founder of ThingMagic and author of the upcoming book,  The Tech Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide, Bernd Schoner, was forced to reflect on the team he initially put together when only two of the original five survived to the company’s eventual sale. After evaluating the situation, he believes there are six essential characters a start-up needs to put it on the track to success.

No. 1: The prima donna genius

“I think it’s commonly accepted in a tech startup that you better have someone with technical knowledge,” says Schoner. “You want to have someone be able to lead the technical agenda of the team.”

No. 2: The leader

Typically the CEO, Schoner says it’s important to have one person calling the shots.

“For larger founder teams … It can get very tricky if there are five opinions and all have equal weight. Democracy is great, but not in a startup,” says Choner. “The leader or CEO doesn’t always need to be right, but if [he or she] is a leader figure that others can look up to, then that’s a good thing.”

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