7 Affiliate Marketing Networks You Should Be Using to Make Money


As you may be aware, affiliate marketing is a trouble-free way to earn money online with your blog or website. In fact, social media sites are becoming prime platforms for affiliate marketing campaigns.

The fact that affiliate marketing does not require affiliates to offer their own products or services, but only to place promotions on their sites for affiliate merchants’ products, it allows affiliates to avoid the responsibilities and complications of traditional sales models.

Affiliate marketing programs usually work by having the merchant handle the logistics involved in selling products or services, processing customer orders and payments, and shipping merchandise, while the affiliate simply collects a commission for each specified action completed by the visitors the affiliate sends to the merchant’s website through an affiliate link. As long as the affiliate has done their job and chosen a trustworthy affiliate program, they won’t have to worry about non-payment.

Affiliate networks offer programs for individual merchants, handling all the work involved, while providing tracking and reporting capabilities to their affiliates to help them keep tabs on their revenues and determine which products or services are producing the best returns. These tools are quite helpful when fine-tuning the products to promote, ideally, increasing revenues.

All affiliate programs are not the same. Below is a list of my preferred programs


The largest affiliate network, with over 10 million affiliate partnerships, LinkShare took the number-one spot in the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 Affiliate Networks for platform strength, support quality, and international capabilities.

LinkShare offers more than 2,000 affiliate programs and allows you choose whether to have your affiliate channel managed for you or to manage your own program using the company’s various service and support options.


Claimed the number-three spot in the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 Affiliate Networks for being the “overall best performance marketing network in the world today,” Chicago-based ShareASale has more than 2,000 merchant programs and features brands such as GoDaddy and Adidas.

ShareASale, in it’s 14 years in business, has received excellent ratings, with the company’s reputation/security, ethics, customer service, and ease of commission payment receiving glowing reviews.

Amazon Associates

Placing fourth in the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 Affiliate Networks, for a reporting system that “far surpasses other big networks,” this is one of the largest and most diverse affiliate programs available.

As most people know, Amazon.com offers such a wide array of products that there’s bound to be something to fit your niche. In fact, they offer over a million products from which you can choose to monetize your website or blog. Amazon Associates is a pay-per-sale affiliate program.


ClixGalore is an Australian PPA (pay-per-action) affiliate network that also has offices in the US, UK, and Japan. The company offers various types of programs, including PPM (pay-per-impression), PPL (pay per lead), PPS (pay-per-sale), and PPC (pay-per-click). Many programs pay in US dollars.

While not as widely known as some of the other affiliate networks, ClixGalore is a solid network that offers thousands of potential merchant programs. The network also offers a two-tier network.


PeerFly is a PPA network with its own proprietary software system. The network made the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 Affiliate Networks, which stated regarding them, “They are courteous, helpful, and point you in the right direction.”

The network also took the number-four spot in the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 CPA Networks, for its high popularity, great staff, and excellent platform. PeerFly accepts publishers from all over the world and offers thousands of merchant programs.


A well-known affiliate network, ClickBank features digital products, such as e-books, software, and membership sites. The program reportedly offers up to 75% commissions on its tens of thousands of products. Commissions are paid weekly, and direct deposit is available to its affiliates.

For many years, this network has remained popular and the company enjoys an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Neverblue is a pay-per-action affiliate program that pays its affiliates for lead, download, and sale generation, as well as for new affiliate referrals. While Neverblue didn’t make the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 Affiliate Networks, it did take the number-one spot in the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 CPA Networks.

Do you have a favorite network?

If you have a favorite network and they have a referral program, please leave a comment and I will sign up through your link.

If you’ve been thinking of trying affiliate marketing to monetize your blog, consider testing these programs to see whether they fit your niche and audience. If you’ve used any of these programs, we’d love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments.

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