Gayla Baer, Gayla Baer Taylor Gayla Baer-Taylor a web content manager, freelance writer, editor, community moderator/manager, and social media consultant with over 10 11 12 13 14 15 years experience. I live in East Central Indiana with my boyfriend husband, Anthony “Gus” Taylor (married 12/2010). Together we have three boys and one girl – all late teens 3 late teens 4 adult kids, Trey, Coty, Justin and Megan.

It’s been my belief (and experience) that the greatest success springs forth from necessity. I could easily show you screen shots of income and checks – but the greatest proof of income, and the one I’m absolutely MOST proud of by far, is that, until re-marrying, I raised my twin boys, as a single mother, without any help from their father or my fellow taxpayers! It was tough, but I. Did. It.

That’s necessity!

—-  Meet the Baer/Taylor Family  —-

Me and My Handsome Husband

My Absolute Pride and Joy – My Twins – Trey and Coty

Gus Taylor, Anthony Taylor, Justin Taylor, Megan Taylor, Trey Baer, Gayla Baer, Gayla Taylor, Coty Baer

The Whole Family


—- Professional History —-

I currently own GaylaBaer.com Slim Fit Mama, Not Before Coffee,  and the co-Founder of BullyConfessions. I have freelanced and consulted with a variety of companies including splashpress media. Until late 2010, I took pride in being the trusted name behind MomGadget.com before handing over the reigns.

I have enjoyed wearing many professional hats including the time spent as Managing Editor to 80+ writers for a large, global blog network (b5media). In addition to writing, I have also worked as Community Moderator for CustomerThink.com.

At the moment, I work with Darren Rowse ( Problogger ) as the ProbloggerCOMunity Moderator. It’s been a real pleasure to work with Darren on a few projects over the last several years.

I love easing into my morning with a strong cup of coffee. I consider my Brewpot, cell phone, Kindle Fire and Google Reader to be a necessary part of my morning ritual. When I’m not attached to my gadgets, I enjoy observing the world and all it’s blogable wonder.

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