Accomplish More – Plan Your Day the Night Before

I’ve always planned my day, as the day goes. It’s easy to get distracted. Whether responding to everyone else, or thinking about the next task, sometimes the end of the workday will roll around and it feels like I’ve accomplished very little.

How many times, do make an action plan of things you want to achieve? For me, that is every day.

How many times do you start your day, confident you’re going to handle that list and complete every item that day?

Then it happens… Something or someone distracts you with a phone call or a favor request, and suddenly you are off track and the rest of the day is shot. You may accomplish plenty, but how much of what you accomplished was on your list?

The tips in Jacks video sound straightforward and highly functional. Jack Canfield explains why planning your day the night before can help achieve optimal results. The idea of my subconscious working out the details has me intrigued. Rather than thinking about all the items on my massive list, I’ll be training my mind to focus on the smaller list for the next day.

I’m going to begin this procedure tonight and see just what results I have. Check out the video below, try it and let me know if planning your day the night before works for you!

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