Add an affiliate link to your email signature

Adding an affiliate link to your email signature is a simple, effective way to promote a featured advertiser to friends, family, business associates and customers.

The process for adding this link is different depending on the email application or Web-based email program you use.

First, find the specific affiliate link you want to add. I usually use something seasonal from Commission Junction or Shareasale affiliates. Click on the ‘Get HTML’ button.

Next, open your email signature window or box, usually located under the ‘Options’ or ‘Settings’ of your email program.

• If your email program allows HTML code, enter the entire HTML code from your desired affiliate link.

• If your email program doesn’t allow HTML code, insert a hyperlink into your signature. Enter the reference url (the first link in the HTML code provided in CJ, which contains the word ‘click’) in the Link URL, and the link creative in the provided ‘Title’ or ‘Text’ area.

• If you are using Gmail®, you will need a FireFox® PlugIn to add an affiliate link to your signature line (though you can insert a link manually into the body of an individual email by clicking on the ‘Edit Link’ icon).

I have different emails I use for different niches I write for. Each one is sometimes customized with a special promotional affiliate link. Sometimes the same old signatures get a little boring and people tend to overlook them unless they are changed up now and again.

What are some creative ways you make use of your email signatures?

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