Affiliate Theme – The Affiliate Site Creation Tool for WordPress Review

When it comes to affiliate marketing and working online, the most difficult part of getting up and running is actually having a website or blog.

The fact is, unless you’re a web designer or good with editing code then you will struggle to get started. Hiring designers can get costly even when paying for the most basic landing page sites. Especially when you have to take into consideration that some of those sites will be less then profitable, at least for a period of time.

While I do offer Free WordPress Blog and Plugin Installation – I would be doing a disservice if I encouraged my readers to build a niche site — to become affiliate marketers and start making money online if I didn’t share the Affiliate Theme.

Affiliate Theme is an amazing website builder. And while I’m still a big supporter of Brian Gardner’s Studio Press, Affiliate Theme is without doubt, my choice recommendation for newbie affiliate marketers or even veterans who are looking to lighten the workload when it comes to their niche promotional design.

Affiliate Theme uses WordPress and has one main advantage over other website builders – Affiliate Theme has been built entirely for affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Theme Features

Choose From 6 Layouts to Improve Conversion! – If you are an experienced affiliate marketer, you are probably familiar with manually updating multiple layouts in order to test affiliate landing pages. With WordPress, it’s easy to input all of your affiliate offers and tracking URL’s then easily change the layout for the purpose of split testing. Affiliate Theme offers six (6) effective multi-post layouts. The days of wasted time re-creating variations of the same landing page, review site, or blog can be over.

Optimized for your PPC and SEO campaigns – Once you’ve set up Affiliate Theme, driving targeted traffic is the next step. Affiliate Theme has been coded to improve the SEO (search engine optimization) over the standard WordPress theme. You write the headlines and page copy, Affiliate Theme takes care of the rest! Proper use of header, alt, title and META tags can go a long way in improving your search engine ranking and quality score. You can also save time by integrating tracking scripts from the Theme Options panel.

Built-in Color Picker – Perfect for every niche! – Affiliate Theme provides an advanced "Photoshop-like" color picker making it easy for you to change Affiliate Theme to any color scheme you want! Red for dating? Blue for web hosting? You’ll be amazed at how easily you can rebrand your Affiliate Theme. You can change the color of everything from post headlines to button hovers and site background.

Lifetime access to Resource Center and support – There’s a great support program in ase you need help using Affiliate Theme. You can watch over a dozen video tutorials, browse and search through their extensive knowledge base, and even post your questions to the Affiliate Theme support forum. Watch tutorials and read articles on everything from how to use Affiliate Theme to creating specific types of affiliate websites. It won’t take long until you’re driving the Affiliate Theme like a pro.

Change everything you want! – Want to try a larger call-to-action button? How about changing the size of the product image? Button color? Font-size? Keywords in the title? Don’t worry about going back to Photoshop or hacking code to change any of that – Affiliate Theme allows you to change all of this and more! The designers took special care to make it as easy as possible for you to create dynamic sites that require virtually no skill to modify.

Love it or hate it – Coding is Your Choice! – Coding newbies, love it! You will be able to take full advantage of the powerful Affiliate Theme Options Panel, that allows you to change the layout, logo, colors, fonts, background, header graphic, even hover button color – all without touching a single line of code. If you prefer to be hands on when it comes to code, you will enjoy digging in the clean XHTML + CSS + PHP, fully commented source code. There is also an advanced customization guide for people who want to get extra friendly with Affiliate Theme.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Theme

It’s a 4-step process to get started. It can be a little tricky, but once you go through it once it becomes quite simple.

1) You will need to purchase and host your domains. Affiliate Theme has recommended Bluehost but I personally recommend BlueHost or Hostgator. I haven’t been disappointed with either – although I’ve had more experience with customer service of Hostgator and find them exceptional! They offer a free domain when you sign-up for hosting and the hosting itself is extremely reliable. Personally, I purchase all my domains through GoDaddy and then host them elsewhere. I do this simply because I like the idea of choice when it comes to hosting.

2) Install WordPress on your domain. Both Bluehost and Hostgator offer one-click WordPress installation in their cpanel area through a link-up with SimpleScripts. Just look for Fantastico (the little blue smiley face). Click on that and the rest is fairly self explanatory.

3) Uploading Affiliate Theme to your domain. Some find it difficult to get through this part – but with the help of FireFTP, a FireFox addon, you should be able to upload Affiliate Theme to the blog fairly easily.

4) Activate Affiliate Theme in your WordPress login area and begin customizing your site.

How Much Does The Affiliate Theme Cost?

There are three options including the 3rd option which includes free setup and installation. In summary:

    * Option 1 – $147 – use on an unlimited number of domains
    * Option 2 – $197 – the same as Option 1 except that you have access to a number of free USB header graphics
    * Option 3 – $297 – the same as Option 2 except it comes with free setup and installation

To be perfectly honest, even if I were an absolute newbie, I would opt for the $147 package. The difference between 1 and 2 might be 50 premade header graphics, but who needs 50? I would save that money and visit where I would hire someone to make exactly what I wanted for $5.

All options are one-time payments.


In as much as I think Affiliate Theme is an absolute exceptional choice for affiliate marketers, it does have its limitations.  If you’re looking to develop a complex website, master a great design, or start a blog for the sake of blogging, then I’d say that it’s not for you.

It is great for developing landing pages for specific niche sites or sites you will be promoting via PPC. This is NOT the tool to build a blog or Web 2.0 site.

Blog Template Recommendations

If you’re looking to start a blog or content website using WordPress then as I recommend in my free installation offer, I recommend Studio Press  it’s my personal favorite. From personal experience and that of some awesome blogging friends, I do also recommend WooThemes and Thesis.

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