Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Easy Linking

The Amazon toolbar makes it easier to make a link if you’re interested in using their widgets and doing the installation that way.

If you prefer to hand link to a keyword with a quick, easy linking method – try this:

Create a draft in your blogging dashboard with the basic link.

Take the link from the item example here:

Find the ASIN number listed on the product page. Example: B001SER492

The format of your URL should be:

Replace YOURTAG with your affiliate tag ID

So input the ASIN number in the correct place. Example: – your affiliate link.

When you’re posting, it’s easy to throw in the ASIN number, resave the draft so it stays at the top of your post list and you’ve got your link.

I save the sample link in a notepad txt document on my desktop so it’s easy to retrieve when I need it.

This method works on any item on Amazon. However, it provides a link only. You’ll have to grab your images separately.

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