Blog Traffic Exchanges to Gain Readers & Make Money with Affiliate Programs

The key to making money online – whether through affiliate marketing or paid advertising is traffic. Traffic is simply the number of visitors you have view your blog daily.

In terms of affiliate marketing, the more visitors you have, the more opportunities or capacity you will have to recommend or successively promote products or services.

There are a variety of ways you can use to market your blog and gain more visitors that will eventually allow you to make money through affiliate marketing. Blog traffic exchanges is one method.

How Blog Traffic Exchanges Work

Blog Traffic Exchanges are simply websites which operate on a reciprocal viewing ratio. You will manually surf and visit various blogs in the network, in exchange for other users visiting your blog.

Example: If I log into a blog traffic exchange and visit one blog in their network, I would earn one credit which means that I’ll get one visit in return from another blogger who is using the same traffic network.

While this is the most basic example of blog traffic exchanges, some exchange networks allow you to buy credits which will translate to visitor traffic from other users.

Requirements for Using a Blog Traffic Exchange

The most basic prerequisite is that you need a blog. Registration for these blog traffic exchanges are usually free. You’ll need to submit your blog and start surfing to accumulate traffic credits, which will equate into other users surfing and visiting your blog.

Do You Need to Use a Blog Traffic Exchange?

Sometimes exchanges are useful for new blogs who need to get more exposure but established blogs with strong organic traffic from search engines, probably don’t need them so much.

Exchange methods could apply to both new and more established blogs as long as the blogger is looking for a way to make money off their blog through affiliate programs.

Types of Blog traffic Exchanges

There are several blog exchanges available. Most of these services seem to have similar blogs on their networks. BlogExplosion is one of the largest traffic exchanges. If you don’t want to invest a great deal of time, this is the one I would stick with.

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