Buying Online Marketing Products – Don’t Make These Mistakes!


There is one fact that every professional blogger needs to know – and that’s how to market. Marketing is a key element in being able to make money.

It is one thing to write quality blog posts or articles – after all, that is the very foundation of blogging. However, you’re not going to make very much money from writing alone. Marketing is the key. You have to know how to market your website in a way that brings you traffic, sure. But you need to know how to market those products in order to turn that site into a substantial income.

Good marketing requires genuine knowledge. You’ve got to gain that knowledge somewhere. As may well know, there are tons of so-called experts selling information about internet marketing and making money on the Internet. Many of those experts are simply regurgitating and re-branding information from elsewhere.

The market of “making money online” ranges from the $15 e-book to $1,000 plus course and coaching products.

So, it is easy to see how tons of money can be thrown around in an effort to learn how to make money online.

Do you know how to recognize whether you really need a particular offer?

Don’t – Buy From a Fake

Anytime there is a large, saturated market, you’re going to have a gazillion people trying to do it and promote it. When it comes to “making money online” products, there are at least a half-a-gazillion faks. There are many people who duplicate what others are doing, do a mile re-write and then sell the product as their own. You’ve got people who will buy private label rights (PLR) content and re-sell it.

I’m not going to say this practice is entirely unethical. PLR is all perfectly legit and does come in handy for creating fill content on topics that simply hold the same shape – I mean there are only so many reasons for male-pattern baldness, right? Nothing new to create!

There are however, a lot of shortcuts in this market, and many people take them.

Now, as a consumer, don’t you want to spend your money with a person or business who actually knows what they’re talking about?

Given the economy, many people don’t have hundreds to spend on tools. It can depend heavily on the price point. If we’re talking about a $15 e-book, maybe the person who wrote it doesn’t matter so much. It’s only $15. But, for some of the higher priced items, it most definitely matters.

Being the skeptic that I am, I prefer to do business with people who have a proven track record or that have actually done what they teach. I like to look for valid proof that they’ve accomplished goals similar to those I have mapped for myself.

Don’t – Be a Product Collector

I’ve seen people who want to make money online but always seem to be an information and product collector rather than a doer.

The product collector generates a nice revenue for those so-called gurus. They’ll buy the product, perhaps hoping that that product contains the one magical element that will open the floodgates to their online income.

The collector then ends up with a bookshelf that is littered with similar products under different disguises – many of which they’ve never acted on at all.

This business is all about ACTION.

There are tons of tactics and strategies out there that lead to the same result in different ways. The one single common denominator is that all tactics require that you stop making excuses, get off your rear and do something with the knowledge you’ve gained!

If you purchase a marketing product geared toward online marketing, plan on applying it – make a commitment, above all else, to do so. Otherwise, you are doing nothing more than wasting your money.

Have you spent money on “make money online” products? Which ones? What mistakes have you made and what recommendations would you make to someone just starting out?

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