Commission Schemes – Ways Affiliates Earn

Pay-Per-Sale Programs These programs pay a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of sales generated through your affiliate links. Pay-Per-Lead Programs Affiliates earn a set amount when a visitor clicks their affiliate link and provides their contact information to the merchant. Pay-Per-Click Programs Affiliates are paid a set amount each […] Read more »

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

No Production, Inventory or Distribution Cost – the product is developed, housed and distributed by the merchant. Low Start-Up Cost – If you have a computer, an internet connection and a word processing software, you have everything you need to build your affiliate marketing business. No Fees or Licenses – […] Read more »

Affiliate Marketing and How it Works

Quite simply, affiliate marketing is online commission sales made through an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a program that facilitates the relationship between online merchants and their affiliates in a way that allows the affiliate to promote that company’s products or services for a commission. Affiliate programs are sometimes […] Read more »