My Biggest Leap of Faith – Because It Works! And Now You Can Work with Me!!!!

Earlier this year, prior to my placing SlimFitMama up for sale, I was doing some research in new topics to introduce to my blog readers. That’s when I happened on a discussion about ItWorks and their body wraps. Some people call them crazy wraps or skinny wraps. I became intrigued […] Read more »

The App that Listens, Records and Does the Writing for You

I happen to be one of those people who isn’t whole unless I have 10 irons in the fire at once. In my years of working online, and especially since I became a professional blogger, I have found myself writing down ideas for posts that never come to fruition. The […] Read more »

The Super Affiliate Handbook Review – I’ll Show You Mine!

The Super Affiliate Handbook is available in both a downloadable ebook of 200+ pages – so keep that in mind before you press the print button and paperback on Amazon. When I purchased my copy, I bought the digital form – it’s regularly updated and provides access to frequent updates. […] Read more »