I Want to Connect You with Paid Blogging Opportunities

Does your blog accept sponsored posts? I am often asked for recommendations on where to place sponsored posts and paid blogging campaigns. When I go through my own list, I sometimes feel I am overlooking someone. If you are interested in receiving professionally written articles, please fill out THIS FORM […] Read more »

MyLot: Ways to Earn More Money

There is a fairly popular social web forum that pays users to participate in discussions, myLOT has certainly grown over the last few years of years. In 2007 there were just over 46,000 users, today there are just under 228,000. myLot is somewhat of a mecca for users looking to […] Read more »

myLot – Make Money Starting Discussions & Giving Answers

If you’ve ever wanted to get paid for the time you spend dishing out quality advice to anonymous people on the internet, now’s your chance. myLot is a online community that discusses a wide variety of topics. It’s structured very much like Yahoo Answers. You sign in, ask a question […] Read more »