Linkedin is the top job search tool

According to a new survey of job seekers, hiring managers, recruiters and HR executives, close to 100% of job seekers use LinkedIn as their number one social media site for job hunting. Hiring managers also prefer Linkedin. Read the full article on Forbes You simply cannot afford to put off […] Read more »

Guest Blogging: The Valuable, the Foul and the Downright Hideous and How to Reap the Benefits

There have been many changes that have taken place with search engines; how websites/blogs are viewed and ranked. There were a lot people panicked over the Panda update that hit article directory sites hard. While guest blogging is nothing new, it was around the time of the Panda updates that […] Read more »

Rapportive – Enhancing Connections via Gmail

(image via Rapportive) Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had issues with my primary email account. I’d suspected my emails were landing in spam folders and going unread. Once confirmed, I decided to make the move to another, more reputable email host/server. Something to keep in mind if you’re […] Read more »