Facebook Hacked? Hijacked? Here’s the Fix

Is your Facebook account suddenly sending messages to your friends or posting strange messages on your wall that YOU did NOT post?

Chances are, you have been hacked or hijacked.

Just this morning a friend of mine had this message and response:

facebook hacked

This might be a simple fix to that problem…

Strange messages likely appear because of fake apps.

These apps look and act like real ones, but are not. And since you have given them permission to access your Facebook info when you added the app they can do things like change your status, send messages to your friends, etc.


Step 1: Remove apps you don’t use regularly

Step 2: Change your password

If the problem persists, the app that is causing the problem has not been removed – remove more and change your password again.

I run very few apps these days. Anytime an app requests access to my account, I opt out or cancel. It’s just not worth the hassle anymore to know who might have a crush on me, who is looking at my profile most often or which Disney Princess I might be.

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2 Responses to “Facebook Hacked? Hijacked? Here’s the Fix”

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  1. corrie says:

    hehe you see it from a entirely other point of view than everybody else

  2. Colin says:

    Those things are annoying and a waste of time. The first time I got one I fell for it, to find who was viewing me. It had so many hoops to jump through that I woke up and decided I really didn’t want to know that bad. Good simple solution though.
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