Finding Facebook Join Date & Why Facebook Needs Tom!

Wow, finding the date you originally joined Facebook is not an easy task.

While updating my online resume, to spotlight my history in social media, networking and marketing, I thought it would be interesting to pinpoint the actual date I signed up for Facebook.

I do remember joining Facebook during my earliest b5media days. Since that was the case, I thought perhaps the Facebook friendships I have with the earliest members of b5media might be a good place to start.

When you click on a Facebook friends profile – at the far right, just above the images of friends you both have in common, there is a link “See Friendship” – if you click that link, you will open a page that has all the interaction between you and that friend along with the month and year your friendship on Facebook was formed.

This is why I think Facebook needs Tom!

I do know I was a member of Facebook for several weeks before I actually jumped in and began utilizing it’s features – so with all that information, I checked a few profiles and wha-la – I am now in the ballpark of when I actually joined Facebook.

facebook-birthdays Hereafter, my Facebook anniversary will be recognized in April 2007 along with my Twitter birthday of April 4, 2007.

Once I had that information, I became curious of just how soon after Facebook opened up to the public I’d actually joined.

Facebook actually opened up to anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email address in September 2006. So I guess I can call myself a Facebook veteran.

What about you? Do you know your actual “social age” as it pertains to the top social networks of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

By the way – Finding the date you joined Twitter is so much easier – simply visit When Did You Join Twitter, enter your username and in seconds you’ll have your Twitter birthday!

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  1. erickiche says:

    Good for you! you know when you started signing up for Facebook, but it doesn’t matter much to me as long as enjoy browsing my friends events.

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