Five Tools for Lazy Bloggers

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If you are like me, efficiency is the key when it comes to blogging. There is no need to spend extra time doing things the hard way, when there are plenty of tools that can help reduce the amount of time you spend developing articles. Some may call us lazy, but I consider this working smart – freeing up my time so I can spend it in other ways that matter. So join my line of thinking and start using these great tools that are perfect for keeping you in tune with the blogging world and everything you need to create beautifully, well-written blogs. Here are my top five picks of tools for lazy, I mean efficient, bloggers.

#1 Content Tools – Google Trends
Rather than spending hours searching the web for blogs and articles on your area of specialty, use a content idea tool to do the work for you. Google Trends is an innovative content tool that allows you to see what is trending on the search engines on specific topics. Simply type in a phrase or topic and Google Trends will display what is currently trending in association with that phrase and/or topic. The really cool feature with this blogging tool is that Google Trends will also display other trending keywords that are related to your initial search. Google Trends is the perfect tool to help you stay relevant with what people are interested in when it comes to your blogging niche.

# 2 Writing – Google Docs
When it comes to writing, Google also has a great tool for bloggers. Google Docs allows bloggers to tap into their articles anytime, from anywhere. Since it is a Google application, your work is stored on the web and not held captive by your local hard drive on your computer or laptop. Not only can you access your articles from anywhere, Google Docs automatically saves your document while you are working on it – meaning accidental crashes are no longer a threat since your work in continuously saved, there is very little concern of losing important information. Google Docs functions very closing to other word processing programs that you may be used to, but also allows you to share and edit articles with other individuals.

#3 Spelling & Grammar Checks – After the Deadline
If you are not an English major, or simply like to have your article reviewed for that final approval, After the Deadline is a great tool. By adding this tool as a search engine extension you can use it anytime you want. After the Deadline not only uses contextual spell checking, the application also reviews style and grammar to ensure accuracy before posting. If you are like me, you can only stare at your blogs for so long before you eyes start playing tricks on you – so After the Deadline is a great tool to help find and correct mistakes before your editors or readers find them.

#4 Optimizing Posts – Google Keyword Tool

Search engine optimization is something every blogger wants, in fact every business with a web presence is after this. While the perfect formula is always changing, there are practices that have stayed true throughout the years, like creating tags within your posts. Better yet, there are tools available, like Google Keyword, that can help take the guessing game out of what you should link within your blog. This application shows you how much traffic your post title and/or search phrases receive. The Google Keyword Tool will even offer suggestions on other keywords and search phrases that are similar to what you entered.
#5 Working on the Go – Dragon Voice Recording

Probably one of my absolute favorite tools for blogging is the Dragon Voice Recording. This tool allows me to get my thoughts out at anytime. Blogging by voice recorder is so liberating because you can literally be anywhere when inspiration hits, and this nifty device will record it all. To make it even better, Dragon records and transcribes your thoughts. Perfect for the days when you just can’t sit down and write.

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