Get Paid to Socialize – Move Over Facebook – People Sting Is In The House


What is People String?

People String is a social media site that launched on September 23, 2009. People String is making a bold attempt to compete with giants like Facebook by paying anyone and everyone to recruit members and grow its ranks. While it may be a considerable challenge to grow membership, advertisers are confident this approach will work.

Members get paid to remain active on the site and for being exposed to advertising. They share 70% of the profits with other members as long as they log in regularly. Owners are banking on this being money well spent and far less expensive than the massive campaign it would take to convert millions of Facebook users.

People String has the potential to be quite lucrative, for those willing to recruit on their behalf on an ongoing basis. Members get 5% of revenue generated by their direct recruits and 2% of all those they recruit – up to 6 levels deep. Simple math can show the revenue potential can become quite significant. For those not interested in recruiting others, the remaining income streams may be more to their liking and more are to be added over time.

People String is bound to become a popular online hot spot.

Join People String now and begin getting paid to do what you love to do!

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