Getting Personal – How I Have Changed

When the student is ready the teacher will appear

As many of you know, in September I began working with as an Affiliate Relations Manager and Blogger Liaison. Basically that means, I (and other ARMs) scour the Internet looking for blogs that might benefit from affiliate partnerships with select merchants. I reach out to the blogger to make an introduction and encourage them to join programs that would compliment their content and be of interest to their readers.

As a blogger liaison, I serve the blogging community by offering up 15 years experience as an affiliate marketer and blogger in order to help optimize and monetize their own blogs, in hopes they will experience the levels of success I have been so blessed with over the years. I was very blessed and fortunate to raise my twin boys, as a single mom, working from home! I feel it is my “calling” to pay forward, the knowledge and experiences I have been blessed with – in hopes that other parents can afford a life that lets them be a parent first. I never missed a ball game or class party. I was there when my kids were sick and most importantly, I NEVER missed those precious moments when priceless memories were made.

When the Student is Ready, a Teacher Will Appear

Now, I am a firm believer that when a student is ready, a teacher will appear. I have learned so much over my 15 years of working online – and I continue to learn, every single day. When I find myself struggling, a teacher always appears. It may not be a person, it may not be a book – sometimes it’s in the form of a simple lesson or experience that teaches me to be better at what I am trying to accomplish. Sometimes, though, it’s in the form of a simple email from a little angel, saying exactly what I need to hear to keep pushing forward.

When offered me a job, I was SO excited! I was going to be able to help far more people, working for a larger company, than I could ever do on my own. What I didn’t realize was, while helping others, I would learn a valuable lesson myself.

How I Have Changed

I can’t tell you HOW many days I would look at my personal email and delete most emails without even reading them. What I didn’t realize is, sometimes, there is a LOT of effort that goes into some of those emails – Someone, some where, took a great deal of time to find my blogs, get to know ME through my blog, and then compose an email to share an opportunity that might add to my affiliate income.

There are some days I feel so overwhelmed by a need to reach a certain goal and with the large numbers of emails I send, I simply can’t stand the thought of sending one more email. BUT – that has changed.

Now, I open my emails – I read them and if I see that the sender has invested time in me, I do my BEST to respond – even if it’s to offer a very polite decline. Most of the time though, I at least offer them the option to provide me with a bit of content I can share on their behalf.

I know now, what goes into their efforts. I know their efforts go FAR beyond sending me an introductory email. I know they have logged my name and email address, and that their own sense of success is based on whether I respond or not.

Are we ever SO busy that we can’t add a little validation to someone?

Read Before Delete

Simply blowing them off or deleting their email is not an option. Sure, if it’s obviously a cut and paste email or some canned response that goes out to anyone and everyone – I will send a similar response to let them know I am not interested – but at least I respond. Now, I can’t stand the thought of my blog, name and email hanging in a spreadsheet with an empty space, that is, somehow, a reflection on the abilities of another human being.

Sometimes, All You Have to do is Ask

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for MANY years – but I NEVER knew there were such hard working people behind those programs that are Really anxious to provide me with the support, assistance and tools I need to make my efforts an even bigger success.

As an example, there was a new account manager that took over one of my affiliate partnerships. By simply asking for her help, she scoured one of my blogs and gave me feedback on pages, topics and banner placement I should use. When I thought about it, I realized NO ONE is going to know what works with that program better than she does. She sees all the affiliates, their efforts, their sites and the profits they generate. She was a plethora of knowledge just waiting to be tapped.

I asked!

She responded!

My income from that partnership more than doubled in that first month.

The Lesson

So much has changed since I began working with AffiliateManager, but I am happy to say, the biggest change that has taken place, is in me!

Although I work remotely, AffiliateManager has done an amazing job of building a staff of amazing, hardworking and supportive people. Anyone who has a website that promotes affiliate programs would be crazy not to partner with a team that really has their back.

Unfortunately, I can’t have it both ways. I either work with them, or for them. I can promise you, if I were not working for them – I would work WITH them.




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