How Automating Your Affiliate and Inter Links Lets You Focus on Writing

SEO Smart Links is a WordPress plugin that improves your search engine ranking by automatically inter-linking your posts, pages, custom post types, categories, taxonomies etc. This is great for internal linking, but also provides a great way to automate your affiliate linking options.

Many bloggers forget to interlink, because they place so much focus on writing and linking to timely resources. Internlinking is not an easy task. But SEO Smart Links relieves you of the burden automatically without you having to worry about it. If you are familiar with SEO at all, then you probably understand the value of internal links.

Here is a video of Matt Cutts explaining the value of internal links. Matt points out that interlinking is one of the 3 most important things that you should do for your site’s SEO and conversion.

Apart from interlinking, SEO Smart Links allows you to handle affiliate links and to automate the process in a way that covers your entire blog. This plugin lets us create custom affiliate links like With the new custom link, you can easily swap affiliate links at any time in favor of promotions or updated links. Along with your custom link, you can assign custom keywords so that they automatically affiliate those keywords with your assigned affiliate link.

What’s so great about this option is, all you have to do is keep a list of keywords handy and whenever you can mention those keywords within a post, naturally and effectively, your keyword will automatically link up to your assigned affiliate link.

This is where I use Pretty Links Pro and SEO Smart Links together, whenever applicable, I will create a Pretty Link for my affiliate. I then take that Pretty Link, plug it into my SEO Smart Links plugin, assign it one to three keywords or phrases, update, and let the plugins take care of the rest. Note: Make sure to set your links to NO Follow so that you comply with Google TOS. Outside of that, there should be no problem using these plugins to automate your affiliate linking and interlinking.

Here’s a sample of how I use Pretty Links Pro and SEO Smart Links – This is exactly what the lines look like in my SEO Smart Links plugin:

seo smart links affiliate linking sampleAs you can see in this image, I have affiliate links with BlueHost and Hostgator. The links you see here were created automatically. Both are programs I do or have used as my hosting options. I did not insert these links manually, but rather, I set up my plugins to automatically link them for me.  My affiliate links are BlueHost and Hostgator while my interlinking is handled by the keyword “hosting.”

What this means for you is that you can increase your site’s income without investing too much time in tracking down, copying and inserting your affiliate links. Plus, when there is a need to clean up your links, whether it’s because a promotion is over, or the link is no longer valid, you can easily reassign the link with one simple task, instead of doing a blog sweep and cleaning up individual links.

How to Install and Setup SEO Smart Links

The SEO Smart Links plugin is available for download in your WordPress plugins directory. Simply search for the plugin and install it. Upon activation, you will see a new menu option for SEO Smart Links in the settings area of your blog. If you click on the options, you will see the processing options. This includes all the custom post types you have. You can choose to enable/disable the processing of any custom post types. If you prefer, there is also a PRO version of SEO Smart Links, but I have yet to feel it necessary to upgrade to that version.

You will also see an option for automatic interlinking. This plugin can check every word in your article against your existing post/page titles. If a match is made, then the word or phrase will be linked to the specific post. You can also select what should interlink (posts, pages etc). You can set the minimum length for the keyword. This prevents really small keywords from being replaced.

You have full control over everything, which is good because you don’t want to overlink because that becomes annoying to your readers. You can disable the processing of each individual post. You can add custom keywords for a specific post. This option is separate from your master keyword list.

You can also set limits on sitewide basis. For example maximum number of links on each page is set to 10. Maximum total links on a page should be X. You can set how many times same keyword can be linked in one post. You can control whether external links open in a new window etc. You can also have a keyword ignore list. Words like “about, contact” etc should not be linked, that would become overkill, quickly.

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