I Want to Connect You with Paid Blogging Opportunities


Does your blog accept sponsored posts?

I am often asked for recommendations on where to place sponsored posts and paid blogging campaigns. When I go through my own list, I sometimes feel I am overlooking someone.

If you are interested in receiving professionally written articles, please fill out THIS FORM so I have an updated list of those interested, what topics you cover and your Paypal email address. That information will be used by ME only – I never share my contact information – although I will do favors for others and make referrals, my list – is MY list.

Why do I do this?

Because I was very blessed to work from home while raising my twins and by connecting blogging friends with paid opportunities, I hope to pay that blessing forward, somehow.

Please fill out THIS FORM and share this post with your blogging friends so they can earn a little mad money, here and there.

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