In The Know – How I Make Mad Money with Social Media

More than any other question, I am often asked how I make money through social media. Well, it’s not rocket science and it won’t make you rich, but it might end up paying for a new outfit or a new piece of home decor you’ve had your eye on. It’s super easy, it’s fun and it require no skill other than being social on social media platforms.

My top money makers through social media are:

BoostInsider: Boostinsider is an influencer powerhouse  that connects brands to tens of thousands of online influencers. They partner with numerous fashion, tech, gaming, and lifestyle brands and work with a community of 40,000  influencers.

Advowire:  Get rewarded for sharing content to your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just click and earn.

IZEA:  IZEA creates marketplaces that connect brands with influential content creators and publishers at-scale.

Buzzoole:  Buzzoole’s algorithm allows Social Media users to optimize their online presence and discover the topics they are most influential in.

Do you have a favorite “Go To” resource or platform to earn a little mad money through social sharing? Please share in the comments below.

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