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A couple of days ago, I introduced you to VigLink, an amazing program I discovered recently that allows you to monetize the majority of merchant links on your blog or website. As I processed through my own setup, I had my goto girl for micro-analyzing, MJ, take a look to gather her thoughts.

Between the two of us, we came up with a nice list of questions that weren’t so readily answered on the VigLink website. If answers existed, I wasn’t able to locate them and frankly, patience is not a virtue I ever developed and appreciation for.

With that list of questions, I set out to get them answered. Hopefully you’ll find these answers of benefit in deciding if VigLink is right for you or when setting up your own account.

Things You’ll Want To Know About VigLink:

Payments: When signing up, use the email address you use for your paypal account. Payments are issued via Paypal and VigLink doesn’t have a place to list the Paypal associated email account specifically – so to avoid any possible confusion come payment time, just use that email address. You can always add another email address to your paypal account if need be – just make sure the association is made at some point before payday.

Affiliate Networks: It’s neither necessary or required to sign up for all the affiliate network merchants partnering with VigLink, which happens to be over 25 worldwide. VigLink manages all the affiliate relationships from the backend. The affiliate credentials used are theirs. Basically they serve as a super affiliate and publishers like you are sub-affiliates. In the event you do wish to join individual networks, I provide a list of the networks below.

Cloaked Links: The Javascript library will see those links as internal links, and so it will skip them. Instead of using the Javascript library you could integrate with our API directly in your redirect script, and then redirect to the rewritten URL yourself. Take a look a the API docs.

Linking Options: VigLink is carefully designed so that your user’s experience is not changed at all. Whether you link to a homepage, a landing page, or a specific page deep in the site, the link will be affiliated and the user ends up on the exact same page you linked to. If you’re talking about a specific cell phone, you’ll want to link to the product page in your post and VigLink will convert it to an affiliate link if the merchant is an active partner.

Affiliate Networks:


Affiliate Future

Affiliate Window


Commission Junction

Link Connector








zanox Affiliate Network

UPDATE: If you do sign up for VigLink, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. There’s some very exciting news coming that you won’t want to miss out on!

Cheers 🙂

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