My Biggest Leap of Faith – Because It Works! And Now You Can Work with Me!!!!

Earlier this year, prior to my placing SlimFitMama up for sale, I was doing some research in new topics to introduce to my blog readers. That’s when I happened on a discussion about ItWorks and their body wraps. Some people call them crazy wraps or skinny wraps. I became intrigued with the images I was seeing and the stories I was reading, but it turned out to be one of those things I was kinda-sorta interested in, but I didn’t put much thought into it.


Over the following months, I saw more people talking about them – again, I did a bit more research, but the fact that it was a direct sales company, I really didn’t want much to do with it.

Throughout my entire adult life, I have tried a handful of direct sales companies and failed horribly! I sucked at Mary Kay and Avon – and a really long time ago, I bought into a pre-paid calling card company. Fail. Fail. Fail.

Listen to the Call

Still, ItWorks kept popping up on my radar. Each time, I grew more and more curious. Mainly because I wanted to TRY it, but also because the people who were involved seemed to be SO positive and enthusiastic about the products and about the lives they were changing.

Changing Lives! That’s what I have always wanted to do and what I have been really good AT! There’s such a good feeling that comes from lifting another person up and giving them HOPE and inspiring them to be the best THEY can be.

I wanted that too!

In October, I was browsing through my Facebook feed and saw a friend mention she had some wraps if anyone wanted them to message her. People flocked to them like they were a drug!

A light bulb went on!

I messaged the girl and asked the usual questions – Does it really work? What’s it do? How much is it?

It was then that I found out she wasn’t a distributor – she was just a person who used the products and LOVED them.

There really was something to that WRAP thing and I wanted in!

My friend said she was going to be signing up – so I waited, politely, for her to join since she was my personal tipping point of wanting in myself.

I’m Not a Patient Person

A couple of weeks went by and she had not joined – so being the impatient person I am, I didn’t want to wait anymore. ItWorks had presented itself to me so many times over the previous months, I knew in my heart that God was offering me something and I needed to accept it. Some way, somehow!

I went to the ItWorks primary Facebook page to explore what friends I had that were mutual. That’s when I found Val, a girl I went to high school with. I clicked through to her profile and saw she was listed as a distributor. Again, I reached out, asking lots of questions. After hearing her enthusiasm and seeing more images of REAL results that could be verified by someone I know and trust – I wasn’t about to wait another day.

I Made the Small Investment in Something HUGE!

Before Wraps and After Wrap 3 - WrapWithGayla That day, I made the choice to invest $99 of money I really didn’t have to spare – to become a distributor. I knew if I received the product and it did for me what it had done for others, I would want ALL IN!

I received my product just before Thanksgiving. Due to the holiday, I set it aside and would “get to it” after the rush was over. After seeing my own results from ONE WRAP, I was hooked. I have been singing like a lark ever since. Yes, those images are ME! As shameful as the BEFORE picture is, I have something MUCH better to share that is MORE ME than I have been in a very long time! See it? It really DOES Work! (Top picture was Monday, December 1 – middle picture was after the first wrap – seven hours later. Bottom picture was taken right after wrap 3 on December 8, 2014)

I was not going to be one of those people who sat by, passively and end up months from now, wishing I had gotten in when I felt the call to do so.

How many times has that happened to you?

The Elf on a Shelf if a PRIME example of me not listening to a call and watching as something GRAND happened for someone else when it SHOULD have been ME!

There are women, men and couples all around, who have listened to the call and are loving life, changing lives, paying off their debts and making HUGE profits from a small $99 investment.

Where else can you start your own business for UNDER $100 and have a huge team of supporters, positive influences and surround yourself with all that is good from DAY 1?


In 2014, ItWorks experienced exponential growth for the second year in a row, It Works! boomed on the Inc. 500 list, ranking No. 290 from last year’s placement, No. 436. The company experienced a substantial growth this year of 1,565.3 percent, compared to the 2013 list.

ItWorks is considered one of America’s FASTEST growing, private companies for a reason! In 2010 the company generated $27.5 million on revenue – in 2013 that jumped to more than $456.3 million!


If you haven’t jumped on board yet and are the least bit curious, Ask! I am available on Facebook, Twitter, email, Skype or even by text – phone calls by appointment just because I want to make sure I have the time and the quiet to have a meaningful chat.

· Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of a company that is growing by 500%?

· A company that is debt free?

· Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of a huge movement of changing health and incomes daily? 

We are growing so quickly! And THIS IS a ground floor opportunity with the potential to make you hundreds, thousands, even millions of dollars! One local girl has blown my mind by earning a $10,000, $15,000 and $25,000 bonus JUST THIS YEAR! There is a mighty force moving in her life and she’s sharing it with everyone.

I want to be THAT girl!

Now, I am looking for people who want to change their entire lives by joining MY team!

You must be a go getter and willing to do what it takes to reach your own goals! It takes a little effort and dedication but it is certainly easier than working a 9-5 and SO much fun!

If you want friendships, fun and financial freedom, get a hold of me! I would love to have you on my team and climb the ranks WITH you! Celebrate the milestones and support you the entire WAY!

So what do you have to do to get your own results?

Here’s the scoop… I discuss the wraps because that’s what I use – but there is a whole line of products to get you healthy and fit, Quick! I also use Confianza as my Adderall replacement. Love It!

Option 1: You can purchase 4 wraps for $99 retail

Option 2: You can become a Loyal Customer and get a box of wraps for $59. A LC signs up for 3 months auto-ship of product, plus they get a link to share. If anyone purchases product through that link, the LC will earn free product points to be used on any product they like. Many LC’s are purchasing extra wraps, selling them for $25 each to cover the cost of their own wrapping and to make a little extra cash.

Option 3: You can become a Distributor. Get your own website where you can earn an income and product from purchases made through your links.

Option 4: Do nothing and months from now, wish you had.

That choice is entirely yours! But I would LOVE to have you join me on this amazing journey to ultimate success and financial freedom!

Here are the ways you can reach me:




Skype: gayla.baer

Text: 765.635.8982

If you’re curious – If you keep thinking you want to but something keeps holding you back – STOP IT! God, a higher power, the Universe or whatever you believe in is telling you THIS IS IT! Do IT! DO IT NOW!!!!

Trust me, I wish I had listened to my calling way back in May!

Can’t wait to talk to you and bring you on my amazing team – where WE will change lives, starting with our own!

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