MyLot: Ways to Earn More Money

There is a fairly popular social web forum that pays users to participate in discussions, myLOT has certainly grown over the last few years of years. In 2007 there were just over 46,000 users, today there are just under 228,000. myLot is somewhat of a mecca for users looking to make some extra income online.

I’ve received a couple emails asking for an article on how to maximize myLOT earnings. After some research and experiments over the period of a week, I’ve compiled this list in hopes that it will help anyone likes myLOT as a a means to make money online. I’m actually quite taken with how so many people are addicted to myLOT’s earning program.

If you’re new to myLOT, you might also want to start by reading this detailed review for more background information.

Getting Referrals: Put your earnings on Autopilot

One of the best ways to make money with myLOT is through it’s referral system, which pays you 25% of earnings for each person you refer to the community. Having a great number of hardworking referrals can almost automate your earnings without having to spend lots of time online. Referrals are basically like Adsense, you don’t have to do much except monitor your earnings. The million dollar question: How does one get many active referrals for myLot?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Set up a blog or webpage to share the benefits of MyLOT. Promote this blog or webpage by giving the link to friends and families. Try link exchanging with relevant blogs or websites.

2. Participate in forums. Always conduct a search for myLOT and read the forum rules regarding advertising and referral links. Nobody wants to constantly read about myLOT over and over again, so make note of that. Avoid spamming, reposting and getting banned.

3. Send an email to everyone on your Inbox. Keep it short, sweet and polite. A pretty traditional method but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how many referrals you canget this way.

4. Leave comments and your link on blogs with a relevant topic/subject/niche. This is a tricky task because you don’t want to come across as a nasty referral link spammer. Make sure the blog post you are leaving a comment on is within the “make money online” niche or specifically relates to myLOT. Don’t just leave your link without a sincere comment on the blog post itself. The easiest way to find relevant blogs is to do a search for specific topics on Blogger, and Technorati.

5. Advertise – The good old affiliate marketing way. Get the sales page with information on MYLOT running. Create an attractive banner or button – this can easily be commissioned through Spend a little money buying prominent ad space on high traffic blogs or websites. If you’re a hardcore myLOT fanatic, you can try using Google’s AdWords as an promotional campaign.  Even though I personally resist Adwords after a major #fail – I still think it’s a great option for those who understand it and can make it work.

6. Put up a silly video about myLOT on Youtube or any other social video website. This might be a little ridiculous but it’s a proven attention getting method. Remember to include a webpage which promotes your myLOT referral link.

Maximize Your Earnings.

Because myLOT does not reveal it’s earnings algorithm or rates, many users have experimented with different techniques to increase their earnings. Here are some of the methods that have worked to noticeably increase daily earnings.

7. Set a target goal for each day. For example, you might decide to start at least 10 discussions and/or write at least 50 responses to questions every day.

8. Divide your work. Work at answering questions before starting discussions. This helps speed up your rate while keeping you focused.

9. Start open-ended discussions. Don’t ask questions that can lead to a yes/no answer. This increases the quality and participation of your discussions.

10. Reply to everyone that responds to your discussion topics. This provides the benefit of prolonging the discussion and increases your earnings.

11. Rate each reply to your questions by actively using the + and – buttons at the bottom of every reply.

12. Use lots of tags for every question or reply. If you always ask questions in a specific area, write down the tags in a notepad so you can copy and paste it immediately after posting replies or discussion topics. Tags increase your earnings while ensuring that your discussion is more widely read.

13. Post interesting pictures to discussions as well as the interests section. You’ll get paid for images too so it’s good to put some effort in that.

14. Don’t post in one topic, try spending more time on a wide variety of topics. Some users have claimed that posting consistently in one topic reduces the rate of earnings.

15. Maintain quality. The strength of your post partially depends on the + and – rating next to it. Encourage your readers to rate your discussions well.

16. Work with other MyLot fans. Start a group of determined posters and work with them by mutual responding to each other’s discussions.

17. Complete the ‘My Interests’ section and start a discussion by clicking on one of the interest categories. This can lead to increased earnings and greater profile views/interaction.

18. Rotate posting duties. Get someone to post on your behalf using the same account. Stick with a brother/sister or friend who you can trust. Take turns posting at different hours of the day and of course, try to share the profits!

19. Link off your blog. If you run a blog, lead your readers to myLOT discussions you’ve started by dropping a link at the end of your blog post. If they’re myLOT users, they’ may participate and extend the discussion. If they aren’t, you could get a new referral.

You might want to implement a few of these methods daily and note the difference in earnings yourself. If you aren’t already registered with myLOT, start by signing up here.

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