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For the last couple of weeks, I have been having trouble with featured content on one of my blogs. Usually when something like that goes wrong, I take it as a sign to shop around a little to see if it’s not a good time to redecorate the place.

I know, I could easily research the “glitch” and fix it, but who doesn’t appreciate a good excuse to go shopping – even if it is for a WordPress theme?

Thanks to The Work at Home Wife, I was introduced to Flexibility. While visiting her blog the first time, I was instantly attracted to her theme. Once I actually clicked through to the creator of the them, I was beyond pleased with theflexibility theme capabilities and possibilities this theme offers. So pleased in fact, I am having a new custom header created and will be unveiling the brand new look within the next week. 🙂 Can’t wait!

Whether you are creating your first blog or looking to improve the appearance of your existing blog, Flexibility is a solid choice for many reasons.

The Flexibility theme is completely customizable, it’s easy to use, has an amazing tutorial site, AND best of all, it’s FREE!

Who doesn’t want a free simple and easily customizable WordPress theme?

With the Flexibility Theme, you can upload your own header, upload your own background, take out sections, chose 3 columns instead of 2, change the font and the font size, add your feedburner url, customize the RSS button, customize the navigation buttons, and change essentially any color of any aspect of this theme.

Some people tend to be a little concerned that their blog will look like everyone else’s. If you’d like to set yourself apart from the “look-alikes” I recommend checking out Just a Five and having someone create a custom logo or header. You can get a very nice, standout header for under $20. Most offers I’ve seen have been $10 which isn’t bad at all for custom graphics work.

For those of you who already have WordPress and know how to install themes, just click the link and it will take you to the download page of the flexibility theme and get started!

If you’re not familiar with uploading themes here’s a very quick “How To” to get you started.

Download Flexibility theme HERE, go to your WordPress dashboard >> appearance >> themes >> install themes >> upload >> find the Flexibility zip file on your computer >> then activate!! That’s all you have to do!

If you don’t have WordPress, that is a fairly easy install as well. All you have to sign up for a hosting account – I personally recommend HostGator or BlueHost You can get hosting for as little as $4.95 a month (paid for a year at a time).

Once you have your hosting account, you will update the nameservers on your domain name (I purchase all my domains through GoDaddy. Keeping them in one place and separate from hosting is strongly advised). It usually takes just a few minutes to update nameservers, but they do say to allow for 48 hours. fantastico Once the nameservers are updated, you will login to the C-Panel for your host account. Just below halfway down the page, you’ll see the easily recognized icon for Fantastico.  Fantastico allows you to easily install WordPress.

There you have it – how to get hosted, install WordPress and get the Flexibility theme in under 600 words.

Flexibility also offers the following upgraded professional options:

Flexibility 3 paid version that has no footer links or attribution back to this site. You can use the theme on as many of your own domains as you wish. –Buy your professional looking copy of Flexibility3 for $47.00 Here

FlexSqueeze is the ultimate WordPress theme for creating custom niche sites and sales pages. With over 250 theme options, it’s incredibly easy to create one-of-a-kind sites. Purchase FlexSqueeze – The Ultimate WordPress Theme for Making Money Online$129.99

Squeeze Page Vector Graphics Pack contains over 250 highest quality images found NOWHERE else on the web! (if you find it elsewhere, please let Flexsqueeze know) There are no resell rights, so you won’t have the same limp graphics as 100,000 other squeeze pages. – Buy Squeeze Page Vector Graphics only $59.99 HERE


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