Powerfully Intend to Attract Something Big

This morning, I started my day by watching A.D. The Bible Continues AGAIN. I am recording the series, watching and re-watching. I followed that recording by watching Joel Osteen.

During that time, I checked my email where I received the following daily teaching from The Secret Daily Teachings:

Powerfully intend to attract something small. Starting with something small, like a cup of coffee or parking spaces, is an easy way to experience the law of attraction in action. As you experience the power, you have to attract, you will move on to creating bigger things.

the secret start small Did you know that you are utilizing the laws of attraction, every single day? The thoughts you fill your mind with, are what you are attracting.

If you walk to the mailbox expecting to see bills, you will find bills.

I used to be that way – until I realized I could change how I viewed my mailbox and while I couldn’t make the bills go away, I could increase the amount of money that flowed in. I took a picture of a mailbox, photocopied a couple of $1 bills and added a few zero’s. I then posted that mailbox with money flowing IN, on my bulletin board. It was amazing at how that small visual changed my life. Now I go to the mailbox expecting to see money instead of bills.

Did you know that when you find coins laying on the ground, if you pick them up and put them in your pocket while claiming the flow of money into your pocket, you will start the flow of money coming in. This is a common practice for my husband and me. We always pick up coins we see, laying on the ground and we always think about the flow of money coming in. Even if it’s a penny here and there – it’s still money and it still creates the flow.

If you make a conscious effort to control your thoughts – to keep them from being negative, you can create a flow of positives that will roll into your life in abundance.

If you have a house you want to call home – take a picture of the house and a picture of you – place the picture of you, somewhere on that house and claim it as your own.

If you have a car you want to own – take few minutes of quiet time, sit in a chair, close your eyes and place your hands on the steering wheel of that car, in your mind. Imagine you’re IN that car, driving a normal route you drive often – visualize the houses and businesses you pass. Do this a couple of times a day and soon, you will be in that car.

If you’re having problems selling your house, get a picture of your realtors SOLD sign – use a photo editing program like PicMonkey and put that sold sign in front of your house. Look at the picture a few times a day and claim that home as sold. This one has worked for me TWICE. We have sold TWO homes, during a bad economy, FOR a sizable PROFIT which then allowed us to buy our current lake cottage that had been my wish and my phones wallpaper for over a year. It Works!

Do you practice the laws of attraction? What are some of your own practices or techniques to create a positive flow in your life?

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