PR or Social Media Manager – Who Can Rescue You When the Buzz is Negative

PR or Social Media Manager: Who Can Rescue You When the Buzz is Negative

Face it. No matter how well you run your business or how successful your company may be, there will come a time when the buzz surrounding your company is anything but great. One customer who had a poor experience with your business could ruin your reputation with one negative complaint on social media or an online review site such as Yelp.

Most companies have someone on hand to tackle these negative reviews when they happen. Some use a social media manager while others use a PR manager. So if you’re currently looking to fill this role, whom should you choose: a PR manager or a social media manager?

Social media managers tend to focus on social media only.

Social media managers are usually in charge of maintaining and monitoring a company’s social media accounts. They tend to be in charge of writing and posting content to the company’s social accounts, creating reports on ROI, and managing all overall social accounts.

A PR manager is in charge of the company’s brand as a whole, including their online presence. This includes additional online features, such as online review sites, and it also includes any offline mentions as well.

If your company received some negative buzz on a social media platform, your social media manager would see it, but if the negative buzz occurred anywhere else, you’d want a PR manager in your pocket.

A PR manager tends to be more responsive.

Social media managers are given the task of communicating with their audience and monitoring what’s being said. They are supposed to try and engage the audience to keep negative buzz from occurring and keeping customers happy. While this is great for your company’s voice, it doesn’t do much for a PR nightmare. Social media managers are typically responsible for monitoring the accounts, not responding to the queries.

A PR manager, however, is able to handle a negative event. They will know exactly what to say to calm down the customer and exactly what to say to share your company’s side of the story. This enables your company to create a response that keeps the negative buzz from demolishing your company’s reputation.

Sometimes, you can have the best of both worlds.

Because social media and PR are something every company faces, you can easily receive the best of both worlds by hiring a combined social media/PR manager. When it comes to managing reputation and handling bad reviews, a combination of a social media and PR manager can be the best option. The social media manager aspect of the job will know the ins and outs of monitoring the social accounts and be able to recognize the bad buzz as it happens. The PR manager side of the job can kick in and respond to and treat the negative buzz right away instead of having to alert someone else about it and wait for a response. With a combination social media/PR manager, negative buzz won’t stand a chance.

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