SnapVisi Let’s You Turn Your Images Into Affiliate Ads

Chad Waite from AvantLink provides a video demo of a great new tool for affiliates – SnapVisi. SnapVisi allows for quick and easy creation of images featuring Fanatics products with clickable links behind specific products in the image.

AvantLink is a lot like ShareaSale and Commission Junction where you sign up with various merchants and promote their products or services through affiliate links. SnapVisi is an awesome addition to your affiliate marketing tools because it allows you to generate images in a variety of ways to use in your content, or however you wish to use them.


Another tool they offer is SnapLinker, which was the reason I was there to begin with. SnapLinker works a lot like the ShareaSale bookmarklet tool. The free version may be used by AvantLink affiliates, however, for a $39 annual fee, the tool can be used with ShareaSale and Commission Junction – and offers the option of generating affiliate links you can share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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