Getting Personal – How I Have Changed

As many of you know, in September I began working with as an Affiliate Relations Manager and Blogger Liaison. Basically that means, I (and other ARMs) scour the Internet looking for blogs that might benefit from affiliate partnerships with select merchants. I reach out to the blogger to make […] Read more »

Google Adsense Alternatives – Monetize with Bidvertiser

As you develop your blog(s) or website(s) – you are going to want to test various monetization methods. What works for some, may not work for others. Over time, you’ll learn your readers, their needs, their wants and you’ll be able to completely customize their experience in a way that […] Read more »

How to Profit From a Blog

Blogs can be for profit or non-profit but a large number of bloggers blog for the purpose of making money. There may be some content published to simply provide an outlet for voicing out an opinion and share thoughts. However, the general population of bloggers has the intention of profiting […] Read more »