Rachel the Robocaller – SCAM Alert

Have you gotten pre-recorded sales calls from Rachel from Cardholder Services? Or Bank Card Services or Credit Assistance Program? You’ve been reporting these illegal calls, and the FTC continues to take action. The FTC and the state of Florida recently announced a lawsuit against Life Management Services, a company that […] Read more »

Tis the Season for Tax and IRS Related Scams –How You Can Check Emails, Links and Sites

This morning I received an email that appeared to come from a Better Business Bureau BBB.org email address. The email subject is Your accountant CPA license termination. I’ve been at this internet thing long enough to recognize a tax scam email when I see one, but common sense tells me […] Read more »

It’s 3:00 AM – Your eyes are heavy – You’ve spent hundreds – BUT WAIT… There’s More!

When I first began working from home, I spent hundreds of dollars on hard sell sites for those amazing packages that would teach me everything I needed to know to start making 10k in a month. Boy was I stupid! All I ever seemed to open was a package that […] Read more »