Get Paid to Socialize – Move Over Facebook – People Sting Is In The House

What is People String? People String is a social media site that launched on September 23, 2009. People String is making a bold attempt to compete with giants like Facebook by paying anyone and everyone to recruit members and grow its ranks. While it may be a considerable challenge to […] Read more »

An Interview with Dede Watson of DivaCafe Women’s Networking Community

With more women seeking ways to supplement their incomes as well as create their own business opportunities, Divacafe is moving aggressively to become a dominant player in the online sphere of Ladies Networking. At the time of this post, DivaCafe has 8,123 members – that’s phenomenal! I had the pleasure […] Read more »

A Guide to StumbleUpon – How to Gain Traffic & Build a Community

I’ve been a fan of StumbleUpon since I gave my first thumbs up in February 2008. At first I didn’t quite understand the concept, but knew what Stumbleupon was doing to my traffic. I actually found StumbleUpon by reviewing my traffic stats and seeing over 1,000 visitors originated from a […] Read more »