How to Combine Blogging and Affiliate Marketing to Get More out of Both

Most bloggers try to make some money from their blog. And a lot of them use affiliate marketing to achieve that. If you’re one of them, you might have put banners for affiliate products in your sidebar, or listed affiliate links as “Recommendations”. Or maybe you’ve written product reviews, or […] Read more »

YouSayToo – Syndicate Your Blogs & Earn 4 Different Ways

YouSayToo is a great place for bloggers looking to gain more exposure. YouSayToo offers a simple means to increase your traffic and exposure through syndication as well as a technique to earn money from your blogs. YouSayToo recently underwent a complete site overhaul that is visually appealing, easy to use […] Read more »

Duplicate Content versus Syndicated Content and Why I Think Bloggers are Missing a Great Opportunity

You’ve probably heard people preaching about the evils of “duplicate content” – somewhere along the line duplicate content became synonymous with forms of “Syndicated Content” that have left many bloggers avoiding the promotional method altogether.  It’s my own opinion that avoiding the opportunity altogether is a big mistake! The debate […] Read more »