The Quickest Way to Affiliate Earning I’ve Found Yet!

Today I would like to revisit the topic of Viglink, an amazing service for affiliate marketing that I believe should be a part of every bloggers monetization efforts. It’s by far the quickest way to higher affiliate earnings that I have found.

VigLink – The Solution to The Affiliate Tax

If you live in the US, you’ve either been affected by the affiliate tax laws like those in California and Colorado. These laws are essentially keeping people from engaging in affiliate marketing. If these laws have hit in your area or if you would like to simply take precautionary measures and prepare ahead of time, I encourage you to continue reading.

Maximize Affiliate Earning

Not only does VigLink provide a solution where the affiliate tax laws are hitting hard, but this post will reveal ways to maximize your earning potential in affiliate marketing as a whole.

What exactly is Viglink?

Viglink is a service that makes it possible to become an affiliate of hundreds upon hundreds of merchants so much easier.

Overcome Affiliate Tax Shock

If you live in a state that has been hit by the affiliate tax law, you can still be an affiliate if you participate with Viglink, because Viglink is the actual affiliate and not you, even for places like Amazon. That’s the part I like because VigLink being the actual affiliate, the earning bracket is MUCH higher.

Getting accepted to be an affiliate by merchants with Viglink is super easy, because again, Viglink is the affiliate getting approved – not you!

So, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, or if your traffic isn’t quite high enough to pass the acceptance rules, you can bypass the hassle by getting approved automatically simply by signing up VigLink.

How VigLink Works

If you enroll in an affiliate network like Commission Junction or Shareasale, you must apply to each individual merchant in that network. Sometimes those merchants reject applications for various reasons! VigLink fixes that!

VigLink Tracking

VigLink has a powerful tracking dashboard where you can see all activity meaning all clicks. You’ll see what your readers are clicking on, what links are affiliated by VigLink, which ones are not.

With over 12,500 merchants from across 20 different networks there’s never a lack of products or services to promote as an affiliate.

Sharing My VigLink Secrets

I signed on with VigLink several months ago. Over time I have pieced together a system that works very well for me. In fact, I’ve found a way to fully automate my linking, leaving me free to focus entirely on my writing.


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    I have never heard of VigLinks before but I will take a look at their site and see more for myself.

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