The Super Affiliate Handbook Review – I’ll Show You Mine!

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The Super Affiliate Handbook is available in both a downloadable ebook of 200+ pages – so keep that in mind before you press the print button and paperback on Amazon.

When I purchased my copy, I bought the digital form – it’s regularly updated and provides access to frequent updates.

It is great! I truly believe ANYONE could take your info and put up a great site in a relatively short time. It is practical, straight-forward and easy to understand.

Many people will launch a successful and profitable business using this as a guide.

super affiliate handbook - my copy

What is The Super Affiliate Handbook?

“The Super Affiliate Handbook” was written by Rosalind Gardner and as the title also suggests, is a handbook for affiliate marketers. The word, “super” in the title, does not mean the book was intended for super affiliates, but is a means by which Rosalind Gardner maps out how you can become a super affiliate.

Rosalind Gardner has been around as long as I can remember and absolutely knows what she’s talking about.

Rosalind delivers proof that she indeed earned $436,797 the year before the publication of “The Super Affiliate Handbook”. Rosalind Gardner has primarily earned this income by marketing affiliate products and services within the dating niche.

It was easy for me to believe Rosalind could make that kind of money because I had seen first hand the profits a micro-niche dating site could generate.

The big question is, can you recreate the same levels of success if you wish to target other markets?

I have to say, absolutely!

Of course the information Rosalind provides IS readily available on the internet for free – but would take months and months of research, reading, testing and tweaking to piece together your own blueprint that’s easily available in this one handy book.

Rosalind Gardner really goes into great detail on how you can build you own profitable Internet business. Not only does she teach you with her written examples – she provides links to actual working examples for you to see with your own eyes.

Rosalind takes you step by step and introduce new concepts on a clear and fun way. I read it from back to back and now use it as a reference book. If you want to learn what is Affiliate Marketing all about, this is the book.
Another thing I really like is that the author invites you to action on every step with very specific instructions.

Taking special care to cover subjects most authors skip or barely mention. As an example, Rosalind shares precise detail on how you can track your results. Most Internet marketers state the importance of tracking, but never tell you exactly how to accomplish this vital task. Rosalind Gardner tells you how she does it and shows you the exact spreadsheets she uses to track her visitors and buyers.

Rosalind Gardner also leads you through the formulation she uses for calculating conversion rate. This formula is widely known, but this is just an example of how she’s thought of everything, every minute step, when compiling this book.

This book is very well written in a way anyone and everyone can comprehend. Rosalind keeps the process very simple and doesn’t try to speak over you with her vast knowledge. You instantly get the feeling that a friend is sharing tried and true information with you that you can trust. As I read this book, reading her personal stories, I felt as though I was sharing trade secrets with an age old friend.

Examples of Topics Covered:

6 common affiliate structures
a 7-Step Affiliate Business-Building Process
How To Find A Profitable Niche
How To Evaluate Market Demand & Competition
Tips On Choosing The Right Domain Name
Her Personal Top Affiliate Networks
5 Marketing Strategies That Kill Time
Advice on how to earn higher commissions
25 Mistakes To Avoid As An Affiliate

And much, much more!

Will You Make Money With This Model?

That can only be determined by the level of commitment you are willing to place in achieving your goal. It will take time. It will take effort. It will take lots of work – but yes, it can be done and yes, you can make money by following the guides in The Super Affiliate Handbook.

I relied on Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook before and reaped the benefits greatly! Once again, I am studying and practicing the model laid out by Rosalind and highly recommend you make that $47 investment if you are desiring to make major changes in your life.

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