Top Reasons to Choose Affiliate Marketing as Your Online Business

If there is an easy way to earn money online, affiliate marketing is it. I won’t mislead you. It does take a great deal of time to develop an affiliate website and create content to support affiliate products. Keep in mind, you don’t have to have a website, and could go with an advertising based system alone, but in my personal experience, a website is the way to go. Life is easier when you build your business around selling products or services of other people.

Once an affiliate site is in place, affiliated merchants handle everything related to products, orders and customer service.

Many people choose to promote affiliate programs just because they are simple and independence from the usual ties that bind in traditional business.

There are dozens of benefits to affiliate marketing, my personal top 10 reasons for considering the affiliate marketer method of earning are:

No Development Costs

It can be costly to develop and produce a new product. As an affiliate, that won’t be a concern.

Low Cost Set-up

If you have a desk, an Internet connection, a computer and word-processing software, you have the essential tools to get started.

No Fees or Location Limitations on Distribution

Most affiliate programs are free to join. The only limit to market reach is the willingness, or lack thereof, by the affiliate to promote their website.

Thousands of Products and Services to Choose From

Almost anything you can imagine is sold or traded online! Years ago, while explaining the vast amount of information and product availability, I used an example of “vintage bottle caps.” Remarkably, there is a market for them and obviously customers who buy them because Bottle Cap Co. has built an entire business around selling vintage and retro bottle caps.

Affiliate networks like Commission Junction, Shareasale and Linkshare, take the stress out of finding products related to your business website.

No Merchant Account Required

Forget the difficulties of collecting customer information and purchasing details. The merchant handles payment processing, so you never have to be burdened with chargebacks, fraud or your merchant account being penalized or banned.

No Inventory to Carry

Not having storage concerns for inventory-on-hand, it doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny apartment or your parents basement. Affiliate marketing is a method of earning money from anywhere, at any time.

No Shipping Costs

Packing supplies or postal rates will be of no concern. The expense and time it takes to ship products to the customer’s falls on the merchant.

No Customer Concerns

You will never have to deal with unhappy customers. The merchant handles all customer related matters.

Yes, You Can Make Money While You Sleep

No other business will generate income while you sleep; attend school functions or sit in the waiting room at your doctor’s office.

High Income Potential

With an affiliate business, income is restricted entirely by the desire, effort and imagination of the affiliate marketer.

The Internet provides an endless supply of possibility to generate an income. As you begin to explore your own desire and potential, keep in mind, there are more frauds than possibilities.

Takeaway Messages:

If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is

It does NOT always take money to make money

Do NOT EVER give out personal information such as bank account and social security number without a thorough investigation (you are welcome to email me if you are unsure)

Do NOT EVER click the links within an email – If it says it’s from Facebook, go to Facebook. If it says it’s from Linkedin, go to Linkedin. If the email says it’s from your bank, go to your bank. Always check the email address in the FROM line against the email address within the body of the email.  I provide an example of a scam email and the technique I use to confirm validity in my post Scam Alert: Your transaction confirmation

The only investments you should make are:

Domain name and hosting (I do offer free installation for those who purchase through my links)

A premium blog theme (only if you want to)

Quality graphics (only if you want to)

Recommendations for hosting, graphics and themes here

Educational materials by reputable sources (you can email me when in doubt)

If you’re on a tight budget or just tight with cash like I am, you might make an effort to check Amazon daily for free ebook offerings. I explain how to locate the free offers in my post How to Find Free Kindle eBooks on Amazon

The offers change every day – sometimes multiple times a day. You can snag some great business related books for free! Keep in mind, just because the books are “Kindle” ebooks, you don’t have to have a Kindle to get them. Amazon allows you to read them right from your computer with Kindle for PC.



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