Top Three Tips for Effective Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be overwhelming at times, but when you know the three basic principles, and combine that with the automating process I have worked out, it’s much easier to manage.

Here are my Top Three Tips:

Diversify – In order to maximize your affiliate marketing potential, it’s recommended that you have different sites in different niches. By doing this, you will be able to work with different merchants across various networks. At one time, I had 13 blogs. I don’t anymore, because it wore me out – but I do still maintain a few websites in various niches where one is very different from the others.

Use link redirecting – My personal preference is Pretty Link Pro – By redirecting your links, this allows you change links quickly, when and if you need to. Additionally, you will be able to share those links in different places and it look much nicer. Your domain will show instead of someone else’s when you post your links around. Think about it, you post your link in response to a comment on someone’s blog – if you use an affiliate link or a link that belongs to someone else, if that link ever expires, the link is dead. When you have control of that link through your Pretty Links settings, the link will always be active in one way or another. You will never lose another revenue opportunity again.

Separate Accounts – Use separate network accounts when you have multiple sites or especially different types of sites. Having separate accounts is helpful in the event one of your sites gets flagged or if you decide to sell a site. I learned this benefit first hand, a few times.

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