Would a Blogging Coach Change Your Life?

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Recently, I was hired by AffiliateManager.com to serve as an Affiliate Relations Manager and Blogger Liaison. What that means is, I am here to help YOU with affiliate marketing, and to help you optimize and monetize your blog in order to maximize your earning potential.

I do not work on commission or referral – so rest assured, my offer to help is genuine!

· Do you struggle when it comes to affiliate marketing?

· Do you need help with optimizing and monetizing your blog?

· Have you ever wanted a trained set of eyes to look over your blog and give you tips?

I can help!

Why am I doing this?

I began blogging, full-time, in 2003. Although I have been working online in some capacity or another since July, 1999. In 2008, my blogs were generating over $8,000 in affiliate revenue, so I know it CAN be done, and I know HOW to do it.

In July, 2008, I sold my most profitable website in order to recover from a devastating flood, escape an abusive marriage and secure a home for my twins. I raised my twins, as a single mom, with money I made online.

hearts2 Since then, I have tried a bit of this and that, but ultimately,  my heart is in helping people. That’s why I am so excited about this new position with AffiliateManager.com.

My story is featured in the ProBlogger book but you can read a bit about it here:


I’ve created several posts in the last couple of weeks to detail my personal system/methods for optimizing and monetizing my blogs that you can easily duplicate. I get busy with life and hate spending a lot of time on inserting links, so I found a way to monetize my content automatically, to the point that I just focus on my writing.

Here’s a list of those posts if you are interested

WordPress Plugins I Use for Optimization and Monetization

How Automating Your Affiliate and Inter Links Lets You Focus on Writing 

Top Three Tips for Effective Affiliate Marketing 


Test Driving the SAS Product Discovery Bookmarklet Tool and How You Can Get It

AffiliateManager.com manages a ton of clients. If you are interested in working with any of their merchant partners, let me know. I can arrange that too!

The accounts I work closely with are:

· Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

· Paleo Plan (Diet)

· SnagaJob

· Biblica (Bibles)

· Team Treehouse (web development classes)

· Super Supplements

All AffiliateManager.com Merchants: http://affiliatemanager.com/clients.php

As much as I would love to have you join me in one of my programs, my main objective is to offer you help in optimizing and partnering with the programs that will benefit you and your readers most. So, look over the list and let me know those that peak your interest most.

Additional Perks

The thing most bloggers don’t realize is affiliate managers are eager to help by providing custom links, data feeds, CONTENT, reviews/giveaways, special promotions, newsletters and much more. When you have a good affiliate manager, you can establish a relationship with them and they will bend over backwards to make affiliate marketing easier and more profitable for you.

I am available for Skype calls if you would like to discuss your blog over a cup of coffee or if email is best for you – email me at gayla@affiliatemanager.com

I am excited at the possibilities, especially going into the holiday season – the earning potential is HUGE and I am here to support you every step of the way!

Just say the word!


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